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PeopleBrowsr LogoI found another mashup web site/service; I purposely avoided the term Web2.0, called PeopleBrowsr.

This site is currently brave enough to be in “open” alpha release of their site. With a recent interview from Scoble caused their membership to skyrocketed.

This site is doing what many who participate in online social networks had wanted for quite some time, plus many more. The coolest things about the site is its ability to ad-hoc’ly open up individual’s lifestreams.

There are others like Mr. Tweet that helps analyze my Twitter followings and followers. There are services like Laconica’s identiSPY which tags and syndicate watched tags across several federated lifestream networks (, TiWT Army, etc.). PeopleBrowsr appears to be the only one with a large effort to help one manage the large number of networks that ones get hooked into. With the number of new networks popping up every month, and my uncontrollable urge to try them. It is almost becoming an information overload.

So far after about 2 hours of use, I think PeopleBrowsr has a good start in the right direction. The functions and features already very overwhelming, so I recommend PeopleBrowsr to start identifying a short list of functions and start to iron out each of these usability and execution to perfection before “public beta” or release.

I do understand why PeopleBrowsr released the current alpha version to the public, it is because the features are just too amazing to keep it bottled up any more. I just hope that this experience will not force PeopleBrowsr to shut down the test. I hope the added publicity will not bring their site down. I suppose this post is serving as a self-prophecy.

I appreciate very much the opportunity to try the service and will do my best to help make it the best service possible.

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  1. Vinko, Thanks so much for this review and for your feedback.We are delighted that you and a lot of other users liked PeopleBrowsr.Today has been a great day: we loved all the comments and we're very thankful for your great enthusiasm and support.Best, Priscilla & The PeopleBrowsr Team

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