About Me

VinkoI realized that many of you may have arrived at this site looking to find out more about me.

So to get you started, I’ve decided to give you a brief background of who I am, and some guidance for where to start exploring other than my personal site.

I am a Hong Kong born Canadian who is now living in Hong Kong after being away for 20 years.

I had been working in the Technology industry for the past 19+ years, details of which you can found in my resume. During most of my professional time in North America I own and operated Vinko Enterprises Inc. Shortly after I returned to Hong Kong I became the new technology evangelist for one of the Big-Four consulting firms, advising CEOs and owners of companies in the applications of technical solutions that resulted in streamlining their operations, economized and eventually resulted in greater profit for the respective cost centers. I then furthered my experience in discovering new technologies and applying them in innovative manner towards ultimate business goals at a major Asian airline.

Through these leadership roles I have developed the skill to maneuver between multiple industries and across all levels of management, to formulate and execute technological business solutions. Working in both Asia Pacific region and North America has also equipped me with an excellent grasp of dealing with cultural intricacies that drive and affect business decisions.

Other than work, in the Winter time I enjoy Alpine Skiing and in the Summer I enjoy windsurfing and in-line skating, but unfortunately I had not been able to do much recently except for the latter.

Another thing I enjoy a lot are War Games, where I am a member of a team called “JSOC”. You can see some of our operations from images in my Photo Library.

Traveling and photography are also things I enjoy, you can see examples of these passions from my collection of photos in my Flickr albums.

I do refer to myself as a “futurist” and “true technology versatilist“, but I will not elaborate these points here.

I am sure you now have a better understanding of who I am. Why not join me at some of the social networks I belong to, to continue the sharing process.