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  • 7 Things You Love to Ask About iPhone Unlocking

    Over the past year and a half I had assisted many people with the unlocking of their iPhones. Many more people ask me about unlocking. So instead of answering each of these people over and over again, I thought I post an article in my blog, which I can refer them to for more details. […]

  • Video of iPhone 3G Unlock

    Member of the iPhoneDev Team, MuscleNerd, posted a video of him unlocking the iPhone 3G from his Mac. The layman version is expected to be release on New Year’s Eve 2008. Fortunately, people who lives in Hong Kong, Belgium and Taiwan do not need this unlocking method, as those iPhone 3G sold are already officially […]

  • [Update] Mac OS 10.5.6 Killing the DFU Mode

    Finally an Automator script that will perform the fix suggested by the iPhoneDev Team. This method will not require a layman to jump into Terminal and fuzz with the inner workings of the Mac. I have yet to try this so will report when I have. Original Store: WARNING: Mac OS 10.5.6 Breaks Hacked iPhone

  • [Update] Mac OS 10.5.6 Breaks DFU Mode for iPhone

    The iPhoneDev Team has released a note addressing the issue reported regarding the problem with activating the DFU (device firmware update) mode for the iPhone, after the Mac has been upgraded to Mac OS 10.5.6. The next release of the iPhoneDev Team’s Pwnage Tool is not expected until Christmas Eve (Dec. 31.2008), but there is […]

  • WARNING: Mac OS 10.5.6 Breaks Hacked iPhone

    Apple released Mac OS 10.5.6 update on Monday (US PST). As always I would suggest everyone follow the instructions on the release notes plus use the Combo Upgrade to upgrade your Mac. Although, if you are the millions who owns iPhones that had been jailbroken and/or Unlocked, you need to stay AWAY from this Mac […]

  • iPhone Firmware 2.2 Is Ready for General Consumption

    It has been over two weeks since my first post, Phone Firmware 2.2 NOT for Hacked iPhones about the new iPhone firmware 2.2. Since then the famed hacker team iPhone Dev Team had quickly released 2.2.1 of its Pwnage Tool to correct the bug found back in late-November. I had also used this version of the firmware for […]

  • iPhone Firmware 2.2 NOT for Hacked iPhones

    As rumored Apple has released the iPhone firmware 2.2 today. This is a warning to all users who had either jailbroken or unlocked their iPhone or iPhone 3G, this warning even goes for anyone using the iPhone 3G who had not done either, but may want to unlock in the future. I strongly advice these users not […]

  • Upgraded My 1st Gen. iPhone to 2.1

    Even though I am not in Hong Kong and on vacation in Beijing I am blogging and keeping an eye on the iPhone hacking community. In the past 14 months I had unlocked/restored my iPhone over 30+ times, and documented my experience and findings with fellow readers. Much of these repeated unlocking and restoring was […]

  • Upgrading My iPhone (1st gen) to 2.0.2

    After Apple released the iPhone firmware 2.0.2 over a week ago and the rumored fixes it contains, which suppose to resolve many of the issues introduced by the iPhone firmware 2.0. I was eager to be able to upgrade my iPhone (1st generation). Unfortunately, my iPhone was jailbroken and unlocked, so I had to wait […]

  • iPhone Hacked in Hong Kong on Three

    Last week I unlocked an iPhone and tested it with a SIM card from Smartone-Vodafone. Today I unlocked another iPhone and this time using a SIM Card from Three (2G service without Data plan). Next I will be unlocking my own iPhone on Smartone-Vodafone. I have commented on my article last week, regarding the most […]