Review: Facebook 3.0 on iPhone

Facebook iPhone LogoThis morning (Hong Kong time) Apple finally approved version 3.0 of Facebook’s iPhone application on the iTunes App Store.

It had been widely talked about since Joe Hewitt, the developer for Facebook iPhone application, announced on August 16th of its submission to Apple for approval on the App Store. Only took 13 days, 1 day shy of Apple’s stated average time to approve an iPhone application on the App Store.

This new version has a brand new UI and much better UX than the previous version. With many of the tasks rethought with an obvious user centric refinement.

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Review: PeopleBrowsr

PeopleBrowsr LogoI found another mashup web site/service; I purposely avoided the term Web2.0, called PeopleBrowsr.

This site is currently brave enough to be in “open” alpha release of their site. With a recent interview from Scoble caused their membership to skyrocketed.

This site is doing what many who participate in online social networks had wanted for quite some time, plus many more. The coolest things about the site is its ability to ad-hoc’ly open up individual’s lifestreams.

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How Has Modern Day Communications Changed?

A friend of mine wrote a post about Social Networking in her blog. I could not help but comment on her post. Instead of simply commenting on her post in her blog, I’ve decided to write a post of my own.

There are an appropriate use of the various online communities, like Facebook, whether it is Social Networks, Instant Messaging (IM), Life Streams or Blogs. Each one of these community has its respective use in personal or enterprise context. For the companies who are up with modern trends, will recognize these are just different communications means.

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