How Has Modern Day Communications Changed?

A friend of mine wrote a post about Social Networking in her blog. I could not help but comment on her post. Instead of simply commenting on her post in her blog, I’ve decided to write a post of my own.

There are an appropriate use of the various online communities, like Facebook, whether it is Social Networks, Instant Messaging (IM), Life Streams or Blogs. Each one of these community has its respective use in personal or enterprise context. For the companies who are up with modern trends, will recognize these are just different communications means.

Two years ago we have SMS, IM, Email, fix-line telephone and mobile telephone calls, each of these communication tools have their appropriateness in different context. Similarly we now have the above addition means (tools).

Examples of Social Networks:

Examples of Instant Messaging Services:

Example of Life Stream:

BTW: the chat on Facebook is indeed life; for the friends who are online at the same time you are.

In my case, my IM consolidator applications (Adium on the Macintosh, on Windows there are tools like Trillian) has the ability to sign onto all my IM accounts plus Facebook at the same time. Therefore, I can see all my friends and talk to any of the online ones anytime. Best of all without worrying about which community each of them belong to.

The key in the future is to allow these various communities to establish. There will be more and more vertical focused communities. These communities will be able to share the conversations among members of different communities. One such community (Life Stream) is using the Laconica technology. Similarly to what Google’s OpenSocial intended to achieve.

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