Ridiculous Hong Kong Government Decision

Just read in HK Magazine (Nov. 28, 2008 issue) that Hong Kong Customs officers from inspector to assistant commissioner levels can travel to vineyards in France for wine tasting. These are suppose to be working trips to educate them on wine, so they can tell the difference between real and fake wines. All these trips are funded using public money.

That is absolutely outrageous, even if we are not in a global financial crisis. On one hand the government wants to raise salaries of government workers 3%. While they make spending decisions like the one with HK customs.

I do believe low level government workers deserve higher pay, but this definitely does not apply to any of the D levels government workers. Where some of them already receive more than HKD200K/month.

Why would anyone in the government justify such high salaries? Public service is exactly that. Decisions that come out of this HK Government is often ridiculous and without any common sense. How could any of these people justify these salaries.

On the point of salaries I don’t think any employee, no matter how good they are at their job, can justify a salary more than USD200K/year. I am only talking about the private sector.

They often say that if government jobs are not paid the same as private sector there will not be any quality people in public sector. This is why I think that high level government jobs should be short term contracts, served by executives from the private sectors.

We all have a responsibility to the government and the government as a whole serve to better the lives of the citizens that it serves. Is that too simple?

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