Review: Burgeroom [Update]

Tonight I decided to give Burgeroom of Causeway Bay another try after my visit last Thursday, which you can read all about in my post, Review: New Found Burger Joint.

This time I tried their “Bacon Chicken Burger” and was surprised with a very juicy piece of chicken and Canadian back bacon. Of course they did not miss out the usual fresh thickly cut tomatoes and crisp lettuce. The one thing not as good with the chicken burger compared to the regular beef burger is the chicken texture, making it hard to bite off with each mouthful.

On this visit I found out an important point with regards to eating a Burgeroom burger, that is not to cut the burger in half before eating, even if the burger may be too tall for your mouth. This is because the bun and the over diameter of the burger are not very large large, so cutting them in half will cause the burger to fall apart almost right way when you bite into it.

BTW: I found out that Burgeroom has a Facebook page for fans to join.

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