Review: Shipwrek on iPhone

A friend on Twitter brought Shipwrek to my attention, an application developed by Candy Cane in Estonia.

It is a game with a simple goal. There are two docks: one yellow and one red, the player has to guide the corresponding coloured boats to the correctly coloured dock by drawing course lines on the screen for the boats. When the boats reach the appropriate spot at the dock it will load/unload their cargo. Some boats move faster than others and the trick is not to let any of them collide, if they do the game is over. It is almost like air traffic controller for the sea.

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Review: EatWillGrow on iPhone

EatWillGrow Game ScreenEatWillGrow is another one of those retro arcade style game with a twist.

The goal of the game is simple as with others games of this genre. You have a little green ball figure; with a smily face, that you manipulate on the screen collecting different sizes balls, while trying to avoid land mines; diamond shapes with red dot, if touch that will be game over.

The balls you collect come in different sizes and they flow down the screen in various patterns. I wish these patterns are random but they are the same each time. Mixed in the field of balls are bonus balls. Some of these balls when captured can slow down the game offering you a moment of rest, and others will speed up the game so that it can be even more challenging.

If that is all EatWillGrow does, it will be no different than the many cheap games on the NDS, fortunately there is more. How can an iPhone game, with any salt, be sucessful without using some of the native capabilities of the iPhone?

In the game you can choose to use the Steve Jobs stylus (your finger) to manipulate the little green ball figure around the screen, but that will be too lame even for the iPhone. So the devloper offers the player the option to use the iPhone’s built in accelerometer for manipulating the little green ball figure.

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Review: Sticky Licky on iPhone

Sticky LickyFrom the folks at Vision Wise Inc. comes a game called Sticky Licky.

It is as addictive as any of the old arcade genre games you spent hundreds of quarters playing at the arcade parlor in the 80’s.

What it reminds me of is the old “Space Invaders” game. Of course, with much better looking graphics, even though Sticky chose to adapt the hand drawn simplicity style graphics.

Sticky is simple enough to play, even if you do not want to drill into its, built in multi pages, instructions. All you need is to arm yourself with the knowledge that clicking on the toad will extend its long tongue to draw insets into its mouth. Eating different types of bugs will score different points, and the goal is to get as high of a score as possible to reach the next level in the game.
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