Review: Shipwrek on iPhone

A friend on Twitter brought Shipwrek to my attention, an application developed by Candy Cane in Estonia.

It is a game with a simple goal. There are two docks: one yellow and one red, the player has to guide the corresponding coloured boats to the correctly coloured dock by drawing course lines on the screen for the boats. When the boats reach the appropriate spot at the dock it will load/unload their cargo. Some boats move faster than others and the trick is not to let any of them collide, if they do the game is over. It is almost like air traffic controller for the sea.

I showed this game to two 6 years old and they picked up the game with just a simple explanation of the goals.

If you’re looking for a game to occupy your time while waiting in line at the post office or the bus, this is definitely the one to get. Especially when the developer is asking for our favorite price of “FREE” in the iTunes App Store.

Shipwrek - Screen2Shipwrek - Screen1

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