Review: Sticky Licky on iPhone

Sticky LickyFrom the folks at Vision Wise Inc. comes a game called Sticky Licky.

It is as addictive as any of the old arcade genre games you spent hundreds of quarters playing at the arcade parlor in the 80’s.

What it reminds me of is the old “Space Invaders” game. Of course, with much better looking graphics, even though Sticky chose to adapt the hand drawn simplicity style graphics.

Sticky is simple enough to play, even if you do not want to drill into its, built in multi pages, instructions. All you need is to arm yourself with the knowledge that clicking on the toad will extend its long tongue to draw insets into its mouth. Eating different types of bugs will score different points, and the goal is to get as high of a score as possible to reach the next level in the game.

Sticky also takes advantage of the iPhone accelerometer for its game play. Titling the iPhone to the right will cause the head of the toad to look to the right, and tilting the iPhone to the left will cause the toad to look to the left.

Sticky Licky Level

There is even an arcade style ladder board to compare your score with the scores among the players who played on your iPhone.

If you achieved the highest score on your iPhone’s ladder board and you like the humiliation, then with a click of a button in the ladder board, you can compare your score and ranking among the players in the online ladder board.

Not sure how many levels are there in the game, but I reached Level 7 with my high score, and at the time of writing I see a person at the top of the online ladder board who reached Level 19 with a score of over 1.6 million.

If you take some time to read the instructions you will find tips and tricks to gain higher scores allowing you to move up on your local ladder board and may even challenge the standings of the leaders on the online ladder board.

This is not only a great time killer, but also a fun and additive game. Well worth the USD1.99 that Vision Wise is asking for on the iTunes App Store.

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