Who is the New Evil Empire?

In the past year I had signed up for services that are now no longer independent.

First it was Blogger which was purchased by Google.

Next it was Skype, which everyone knows was purchased by eBay. I personally feel that the future of Skype is numbered with eBay at the helm.

A few months ago Flickr was purchased by Yahoo. Like Skype I hope Flickr will not be destroyed by Yahoo.

Today the creator, of Upcoming announced on his blog that it will be purchased by Yahoo.

What is happening? Is everything I signup for going to be gobble up by the big guys?

There are many who thinks of Microsoft as the evil empire who tries to take over the world from the technology perspective.

Others who falls into this category are: Starbucks, Disney and Virgin. Although these other three are not as commonly regarded as Mr. Gates’ company.

At least for the software industry there are new kid(s) on the block trying to take the title from Microsoft; namely Google.

Although I cannot totally disagree with the critics about their new label for Google. I personally do not have as much dislike for Google as I have for Microsoft. I like Google, except for their recent decisions to keep releasing services that are platform specific (Windows). Rather than developing service that are based on Open Standards, which is what the Internet is.

Will the new “Evil Empire” be Google or Yahoo. I guess we will soon know.

The 2000 Mark


Another month another milestone has been reached for my online store. Today I reached 2000 feedback points on eBay while still maintaining a 100% rating. According to most, maintaining a “100% rating” with such high number of feedbacks (2186) is a rare achivement on eBay.

As you will see from the actual comments of past customers, much of these feedbacks had been the result of the customer service delivered.

This further proofs that a customer focused business would be more successful than simply selling to make money. If I just focused on delivering the best quality products at the most competitive price, without also providing the excellent customer service I would not have the high percentage (30%) of return customers and referrals.

Another Milestone on eBay


We have achieved yet another great milestone on eBay from my online activities there (Vinko’s Treasures).

Aside from gaining the status of “Power Seller – Silver level” after only 3 months in business, we have also been able to maintain an amazing “100% Positive Feedback” on eBay for the past 9.5 months in business. According to many, apparently this is quite a feat.

For those, potential customers, who are considering purchasing from our online shop here on this web site. Please do go checkout the 1884 Feedbacks on eBay. These comments are just some of the many we have received, from the 1000s of customers we have delivered our quality shopping experience to so far.

eBay PowerSeller


It has been 10 weeks, to this day, since I opened my doors of the online Shop here at Vinko.Com and on eBay.

I am happy to announce that yet another milestone has been achieved for my online business. I have just been awarded the recognition of “eBay Power Seller”.

Vinko’s Treasures

Vinko's Treasures

You now have yet another place to purchase products from me.

It has been 3 weeks since I launched my online eBusiness. I am happy to announce that a second milestone have been achieved.

I had gain enough sale on eBay® to open up an eBay Store. It is called “Vinko’s Treasures“.

At the moment you can find iPod Accessories for the “Apple® iPod”, “Apple® iPod Photo”, “Apple® iPod Photo”, “Apple® iPod Limited Editions: U2”, “Apple® iPod Mini” and “Apple® iPod by HP”. I will be adding more products in the near future. So please bookmark it and keep checking.

If you’re looking for the actual MP3 players by Apple®: “Apple® iPod”, “Apple® iPod Photo” or “Apple® iPod Mini”, you can still find them here at Vinko. (“The Shop” section of my site).

Chirstmas is just around the corner, don’t forget me at Christmas!

Launch of Vinko’s Treasures


Announcing the launch of my brand new Online Shop.

If you already own an “Apple® iPod®, an “Apple® iPod® Mini” or an “Apple® iPod® by HP” you will be interested in the accessories I have to offer.

If you need an Apple® iPod® or and Apple® iPod® Mini then it is also a place for you to save a few bucks from the “brick-and-mortar” stores.

For those of you who lives in Hong Kong you can save the cost of shipping by sending me a note to arrange delivery.