Vinko’s Treasures

Vinko's Treasures

You now have yet another place to purchase products from me.

It has been 3 weeks since I launched my online eBusiness. I am happy to announce that a second milestone have been achieved.

I had gain enough sale on eBay® to open up an eBay Store. It is called “Vinko’s Treasures“.

At the moment you can find iPod Accessories for the “Apple® iPod”, “Apple® iPod Photo”, “Apple® iPod Photo”, “Apple® iPod Limited Editions: U2”, “Apple® iPod Mini” and “Apple® iPod by HP”. I will be adding more products in the near future. So please bookmark it and keep checking.

If you’re looking for the actual MP3 players by Apple®: “Apple® iPod”, “Apple® iPod Photo” or “Apple® iPod Mini”, you can still find them here at Vinko. (“The Shop” section of my site).

Chirstmas is just around the corner, don’t forget me at Christmas!

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