It has been just over a year (1 year plus 1 day) since I modified my whole web site to be “World Wide Web Consortium” (a.k.a. W3C) compliant.

For those of you who do not know what W3C is, you can read all about it at their web site. Here is a paragraph from the W3C web site.

The World Wide Web Consortium was created in October 1994 to lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing common protocols that promote its evolution and ensure its interoperability. W3C has over 350 Member organizations from all over the world and has earned international recognition for its contributions to the growth of the Web.

What does all this mean? My site is now mostly Standards complaint. When I say “Standard” I am referring to the only justified set of standards on the Internet, which are those from the W3C. Some browser manufactures may claim “standard” compliant, but they are not referring to the same thing. They are talking about what users are “forced into accepting”, where certain manufactures made available only their technologies to users to define its own “standards” within their respective platforms. This to me is not “standard” to the true meaning of the word and spirit. A proper Standard must be accepted and agreed upon by a body of industry members, and made available to anyone who asked. That is the bases of the W3C Standards.

Since my pages are Standard compliant, they will behave and work the way the technologies were specified. Functions like Navigation Menus work the way they suppose to, all compliant pages passes the W3C validators, and most importantly these pages will work with all past, current and future versions of Standard complaint browsers.

Some of you may have noticed the paragraph of small print I have at the bottom of many of my pages.

This site is best viewed with a W3C compliant web browsers like “Mozilla”, “FireFox”, “Opera”, “OmniWeb” and “Safari”. To enjoy all the functionalities of this site you will also need to have the “Flash” and “QuickTime” browser plug-ins installed.

So if you’re using one of the non-Standard compliant browsers to view my site. You are not only missing features but much of the content I have.

Photos Menu Miscellaneous Menu My Stuff Menu

To make the lives of those visitors who are insistent of using non-Standard compliant browsers I have added a new menu item “Site Map“, so at least they can see and find what they are missing unlike the many visitors already visit my site with Standard complaint browsers.

If you like to one of those Standard compliant browsers yourself, here is a list:
1. “Mozilla” (Mac OS or Windows OS)
2. “FireFox” (Mac OS or Windows OS)
3. “Opera” (Mac OS or Windows OS)
4. “OmniWeb” (Mac OS or Windows OS)
5. “Safari” (Mac OS)

So go ahead and download one or more of these browsers and enjoy my site like many of my other visitors.

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