Review: HoloToy for iPhone/iPad

I to come to aware of the iPhone/iPad app, HoloToy [iTunes link]. It is classified as Entertainment in the iTunes App Store.

There are a total of ten (10) screens: Fish Tank, Scarab Attack, HoloBall, HoloBot, Cornell Box, The Impossible Triangle, Planet Earth, The Moon, Mars, Jupiter. I guess the developer will refer to these as “toys”. Only two of the ten screens are games: “Scarab Attack” and “HoloBall”, the rest are 3D images where the user can change the point of view by tilting the iPhone or iPad, or animate the object in some way by tapping the screen.

The developer is not asking much for the app; USD0.99 in the iTunes App Store. I do not believe even that is justified, but USD0.99 is the lowest a developer can charge form an app in the App Store other than making it free. My suggestion to the developer is to drop it to free, add some ads and focus on just one “toy”. Make this toy the best he can so it is worth more than he is asking for, then introduce more toys through in-app-purchase.

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