Review: HoloToy for iPhone/iPad

I to come to aware of the iPhone/iPad app, HoloToy [iTunes link]. It is classified as Entertainment in the iTunes App Store.

There are a total of ten (10) screens: Fish Tank, Scarab Attack, HoloBall, HoloBot, Cornell Box, The Impossible Triangle, Planet Earth, The Moon, Mars, Jupiter. I guess the developer will refer to these as “toys”. Only two of the ten screens are games: “Scarab Attack” and “HoloBall”, the rest are 3D images where the user can change the point of view by tilting the iPhone or iPad, or animate the object in some way by tapping the screen.

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New iPad App Function in iTunes 9.1

With apps in the iTunes App Store being approved and rebuilt in universal iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad version, we now see a new feature in the recently upgraded iTunes 9.1.

Now all I need is an iPad to determine if these apps were simply recompiled in universal mode or actually have iPad specific functions that are only available when used on an iPad.

iPad Apps Now Available in App Store

Ahead of the iPad official release on April 3rd Apple had made available the iPad Apps in the iTunes App Store.

Many sections now have a toggle switch to choose either iPhone or iPad apps. It also appears that Apple is slowly releasing the reportedly over 1000 apps, as some of the ones I was expecting like TwitePad is no where to be found; at least not easily.

iPad’s Target Audiences

Even before Apple makes its announcement of the iPad, critics and analysts had guesstimated what the device will do. They came up with terms like “netbook killer” and “Kindle killer” for the iPad. When Apple finally made its announcement on Jan. 28th these same people started criticizing Apple for not living up to their expectations.

Is this fair?

No other company in the world can generate these kind of up roar, passion and expectations, for a product where the company in question never commented about prior to the Jan. 28th announcement. So without pre-announcing what the device will do how can Apple fails to meet these critics’ expectations?

I believe with the release of the iPad, Apple had finally brought its long philosophy, for the past 24 years, of “allowing the user’s to focus on the task at hand” to its true fruition. This is one of the reasons why the iPad is revolutionize. Apple has also the benefit of many different group of audiences who will be interested in using the iPad.

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