Apple’s New iMac Hidden Feature Plus More!

iMac 20091020 346x300
Both of the new iMac models announced today capable of attaching an external display up to a 30 inch at a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels, but most interestingly is that the 27-inch model’s Mini DisplayPort also supports video inputs from DisplayPort equipped devices like the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

Apple Remote 2009The new iMac also has a built-in SD media card slot, enabling quick transfer of videos and photos from camera to Mac.

The 27-inch models now come with Quad Core i5 or i7 Intel processors with 8MB of L3 cache, with the latter i7 version capable of Hyper-Threading.

Along with the new iMac Apple released a VESA Mount Adapter Kit for use with either iMac models and the Apple LCD Cinema Display, allowing the iMac or the Cinema Display to be mounted on any VESA compatible mounting solutions.

Additionally Apple also introduced a brand new Apple Remote at USD19.00, and quietly gave the top of the line MacBook Pro 17-inch 3.06GHz, 8GB RAM, Antiglare model a price cut of almost USD1000.00.

[Updated: Oct. 23, 2009, 23:00]
Bellow is Apple’s promotional video describing the design of the new iMac (Late 2009).


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  2. Are those i5 and i7s the Nehalem Architecture from Intel? I think @leolaporte mentioned its worth waiting for those. I guess they'll be out next month. Wow, the display looks fantastic, but alas, I just got my iMac a year and a half ago, so my next Apple purchase will have to be a MacBook Pro. Great article, great summary. The video on the Apple site is tantalizing too.

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