MMS With iPhone 3.0 On iPhone 3G [Updated]

iPhone 3G With 3.0When I the create the post, To iPhone 3G S or Not?, I was not able to enable the MMS function on my iPhone 3G.

Before I explain how to enable MMS on an iPhone 3G running the iPhone 3.0 firmware, let me explain my context.

My iPhone 3G is the officially “SIM unlocked” version of the iPhone 3G directly from Apple Online Store Hong Kong. It capacity happens to be a 16GB version. I installed the iPhone 3.0 firmware “Golden Master” version onto my iPhone.

The following applies to any carrier situations, no matter whether the carrier in question is an official carrier partner with Apple in the country.

[Update: 12:10, June 18, 2009]
Added MMS settings for PCCW. Please note that these settings had not been tested on the iPhone. Please leave a note in the Comment section if you’re a PCCW customer and tried it on your iPhone 3G.

[Update: 13:01, June 18, 2009]
Thanks to reader Jon for pointing out the typo in the MMSC for Smartone-Vodafone.

[Update: 14:01, June 18, 2009]
I just received some news from Smartone-Vodafone that contradicts the information I received from them in two separate occasions, which is the fact that they do not charge their customers for receiving MMS.

The latest information is that they will charge HKD0.04/KB; a maximum of HKD12.00/MMS, to receive MMS.

This comes back to my original point I always had with MMS, the technology will not get wide adoptions and acceptances by consumers until the carriers remove these ridiculous pricing.

I for one will not use it!

I encourage all to not use it and ensure you do not pay the fees to show our disgust.

[Update: 17:11, June 18, 2009]
Thanks to reader Karay who pointed to a person calling himself “markmall_hk” on, I have now updated the MMS settings for all mobile carriers in Hong Kong.

[Update: 01:10, June 20, 2009]
Added settings for CTM in Macau.

[Update: 01:20, June 20, 2009]
Thanks to reader Niels for the China Unicom 3G settings in mainland China.

[Update: 01:30, June 20, 2009]
Thanks to reader Ju for confirming the settings for PEOPLE.

[Update: 15:10, June 20, 2009]
Thanks to reader Todd for confirming the settings for CSL

[Update: 22:00, June 23, 2009]
Thanks to the folks at we now have a set of instructions for our US friends who are stuck with AT&T.

[Update: 12:15, June 24, 2009]
Thanks to reader Filipe for supplying the settings for CTM Macau non-prepaid SIM card customers.

[Update: 16:00, June 25, 2009]
I just double checked Smartone-Vodafone’s web site and it clearly states that “3G SmarTone-Vodafone customers” can receive MMS for FREE.

So I do not understand why the previous Customer Service representative claims that I have to pay the HKD0.04/KB when I clearly told her that I was on a 3G plan, plus she had my account opened in front of her.

[Update: 12:00, June 26, 2009]
Added the instructions to enable to the “Cellular Data Network” option within the Network settings pane.

How to Enable MMS on iPhone 3.0

  1. Ensure you have a 3G plan with your mobile carrier. A data plan is not necessary with regards to MMS.
  2. Ensure the carrier had not blocked the MMS function from your account. In Hong Kong most carriers would not do so, unless you request them to do so.
  3. On your iPhone go to the Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network settings and input the MMS settings specific for your carrier. The exact values for each of the fields will depends on your carrier. Do not worry if your carrier representative tells you that they do not support the iPhone. Be assertive and obtain the MMS settings: APN, Username, Password and MMSC. Most carriers would not have a Username or Password.

    If you do not see the “Cellular Data Network” option within the Settings -> General -> Network settings you can do one of the following depending on which OS you’re on.

    Operating System Steps
    OS X
    1. Close iTunes.
    2. Start the Terminal (found in the /Applications/Utilities folder).
    3. Execute the command:
      defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE
    Windows 32-bit
    1. Close iTunes.
    2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
    3. Execute the command:
      “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    Windows 64-bit
    1. Close iTunes.
    2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
    3. Execute the command:
      “C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    The following are the settings. Note that the APN is case sensitive.

    Carrier Settings
    Smartone-Vodafone APN = smartone-vodafone
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    PCCW 3G APN = pccw
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    PCCW 2G APN = pccwmms
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    3 HK APN =
    MMSC =
    Username = 3
    Password = 1234
    MMS Proxy =
    CSL APN = hkcsl
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    New World APN = mms
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    Peoples APN = peoples.mms
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    CTM Macau APN = ctmprepaid
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    CTM Macau
    (non-prepaid SIM)
    APN = ctmmms
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    MMS Max Message Size = 307200
    China Unicom 3G (China) APN = uniwap
    MMSC =
    MMS Proxy =
    • The “MMS Max Message Size” settings is optional but Smartone-Vodafone has a size limit of 307200 (300KB) where they charge HKD3.00/MMS.
    • For the PCCW settings you may want to try it first without the MMS Proxy settings.
  4. After these information are entered, you will need to restart your iPhone. Hold the Power button until the slider comes up asking you to slide to the right to shutdown the iPhone. Go ahead and shutdown your iPhone and then restart it.
  5. When the iPhone had restarted, on your iPhone go to the Settings -> Messages settings and ensure MMS is turned on. You can optionally turn on “Show Subject Field” if you like.

You should see an extra Camera icon when you compose a message in the Messages (previously known as “SMS”) application.

In the Photo album application you will see an extra option to share your photo via MMS.

Please feel free to leave settings for your respective carriers in the comments and I will update the table above.

66 Replies to “MMS With iPhone 3.0 On iPhone 3G [Updated]”

  1. when i go to the setting then general then network i dont have anything that says cellular data network

  2. Vinko, thanks for your posting and replies—–
    I have reinserted the information that you specified – when I try to send mms the sending progress indicator goes to 90% and then tells me message sending error.

    I called Smartone and they gave me other settings (although they didnt have a clue when I said iPhone) they say MMSC means message center number and said to enter But this also did not help.

    I have tried to send a mms from my wifes sonyericsson but till now I have not received it on my iPhone…..

    Like I said I appreciate your help very much, any further suggestions will be just as greatfully received.

    RGDS Jon

  3. I’m a PCCW with 3.0 succesfully updated but failed in sending mms either with or without the proxy set up……

  4. On your iPhone go to the Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data Network settings and input the MMS settings specific for your carrier.I upgraded to 3.0 today and I do not have “cellular Data Network Settings” on my phone. Is there a difference in the file distributed to US users because of AT&T's archaic view on MMS? Can anyone else stateside confirm the lack of this option for them?

  5. thanks so much for this but when i go into the settings -> messages there is no option to turn mms on?

  6. btw i am with pccw and they just advised their operator does not have the set up for new iphone download yet

  7. Hi Jon,You have to be careful typing in the MMSC, I made a mistake the first time too.It is “mms.smartone-vodafone/” and not what you may expect.Try checking that to see if that works

  8. Hi JDM,You need to first enter the MMS settings specific to your carrier. Restart the iPhone; by pressing the Power button until you see the option to Shutdown the iPhone.After you iPhone is restarted you should see the new option in the Message settings pane.

  9. Hi Morris, Sherrell, Cesar and Paul,The fact that your iPhone is missing the Cellular Data Network means that the “AllowEDGEEditing” attribute in the carrier.plist file within your ATT_US.ipcc package has this value set to “false”.Note that modifying this IPCC file incorrectly may prevent your iPhone from connecting to the AT&T network. As always you should save the original copy and work on a backup. Any modifications done are at your own risk. Fortunately, if you're with one of the official carrier, you can always go back to the carrier and ask them to correct the settings of your iPhone.If your computer is running OS X, the ATT_US.ipcc can be found in the following path:~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support/Append .zip to the end of the file name ATT_US.ipcc making it ATT_US.ipcc.zipNow unZIP the file producing a new folder called ATT_US.bundle. Do a “Show Package Content” by right clicking on the icon or name of the file. This will open up a new Finder window showing the content of the ATT_US.bundle. Inside is where you can find carrier.plist. You will need to use a Plist editor, like “Property List Editor” that comes with Apple Development Tools or you can use the 3rd party application PlistEditPro to edit the AllowEDGEEditing attribute. Remember to save before closing the file to make sure your changes take affect.Do the reverse of the above. Re ZIP the Playload folder naming the ZIP file ATT_US.ipccNow to reload the modified IPCC onto your iPhone by going to iTunes with your iPhone plugged in and clicking on “Check

  10. Hi Jon,Hmm… it appears the MMSC I had was incorrect. I have now updated the post with the corrected settings.Please remember also that you need to restart the iPhone after the settings have been changed.

  11. Hi VinkoStrange — I have reset again as per above – still no joy. Have restarted umteen times even done a restore through itunes. Just cannot get a MMS to go through or receive one!Dont know what else to do!Jon

  12. Does this only work if you install the Firmware onto the iPhone 3G? I really want MMS on my iPhone, but not willing to install Firmware onto it.

  13. I'm a PCCW with OS3.0 upgraded, but failed in MMS either with or without the proxy…Will keep on study and post back.

  14. I have now updated the settings once again and both the Smartone-Vodafone and PCCW settings have been tested on iPhone running 3.0

  15. I'm confused were you saying this DOESNT work for att&t phones.. I have a contract with them.. so will it not work?

  16. The pccw 3G settings without the proxy worked for me. I have just downloaded OS3 onto my older phone. Thanks for the fantastic post.

  17. The reports from readers is that AT&T users do not see the “Cellular Data Network” option in their Network settings on the iPhone.If this option is missing that means that Apple had set value of “AllowEDGEEditing” attribute to “false”. This is probably by request from AT&T.Your option is to find a trusted person to get you a modified ATT_US.ipcc file or you can wait until AT&T enable MMS themselves in a few weeks, or you can follow the instructions I gave… to modify your own copy of the file.

  18. I have the same issue but I am in Macau using CTM… I have a legal unlocked Iphone 3G that is also bought from the Apple Store in HK.Does anybody know what the MMS settings would be for CTM Macau?

  19. Hi Craig,You can give the above CTM settings a try. I just added them to the table.Please don't forget to report back your findings.

  20. Tested MMS on my iPhone with China Unicom 3G (aka Wo) today. It works with their usual settings:APN: uniwapMMSC: Proxy:

  21. Hi!I have tried the CSL setting with my iPhone 3G (version 3.0). It worked on Thursday but not anymore. Please advise if there are any update. CSL hotline not very helpful.BL

  22. Hey for CSL in HK you need the following: APN: hkcslMMSC = Proxy = last part of the MMS Proxy was missing on the posting above. as well the last “/” doesn't seem to be necessary for the MMSC information. I just called CSL and after insisting they help and waiting about 30 mins on the phone they finally got me the information.

  23. Hi thanks so much for all of the info. I also have an officially unlocked iphone 3G 16 MB that I bought in France. The data services work just fine with my CSL SIM card. After following your procedure I get the small camera icon as well as the option to send MMS in photos etc but each time I try to send the MMS it fails. Any ideas? Thanks again.

  24. Just another comment about my iphone 3G not working with MMS. I have an legally unlocked TREO 680 using the Palm OS Garnet v 5.4.9 and can use MMS with my CSL SIM card. The settings are for the GPRS mode (3G not available) and it states IP address automatic as well as Query DNS has been checked. APN is hkcsl with no user name or password. Could it be that CSL has changed the IP address for MMS use?

  25. Update on MMS on CSL. With the above settings I am able to receive MMS messages from people using other carriers but not able to send them.. so the mystery continues. I am able to send a MMS to myself which I guess would mean MMS amongst CSL customers also works.

  26. HELLO, im a CSL user and i just added the setting u have given to me! AND THANKS SO MUCH!! but if i send a MMS to someone do they need MMS to recieve because i got a failed to send when i tried to send a pic to another iphone 3g user!!! ALSO do u know how to get the tethering???

  27. I am a CSL user as well. I do have MMS service. And when I try to send an MMS to myself via my iphone, it failed to send. Any idea why?

  28. Nelson,If you've confirmed that your MMS service is activated on your account, you can try removing the “:8080” at the end of the MMS Proxy setting.

  29. I never had the :8080 in proxy. And now I tried adding :8080, either way it doesn't work…. getting frustating. Any other suggestions?

  30. That is the maximum size (in bytes) for each MMS. As mentioned Smartone-Vodafone has an internal maximum size limit for each MMS of 300KB.

  31. hello Nelson. I just re-tried the MMS function on my iphone to myself with the above settings by sending voice recorded message that was about 54K in size and it worked. I also tested the settings with the person who was on the support line with CSL (who also uses an iphone for his personal use) who has a CSL contract and he received my voice MMS message so it did work between us two. However I do not succeed in sending MMS to other carriers still. Good luck!!

  32. Do you mean “7370200” in the blank for file size? I tried, and it doesn't work. I tried attaching a picture, as well as a sound clip that is only 8k in size, still couldnt get it out.Just wanted to be clear:I need “http://…” for MMSC but not for proxy, right? Just input the IP for proxy?

  33. Right, you only need the “http://” in the MMSC value.Like Smartone-Vodafone most carriers probably has a size limit for each MMS. In the case of Smartone-Vodafone that limit is 300KB which is 370200 bytes.

  34. Strangest thing. The settings have not been changed, but somehow it's working fine today….whatever…. as long as it works.Thanks all. 🙂

  35. Nelson,Glad to hear that it's working for you now.It can happen, as MMS feature is fully controllable by the mobile carrier.

  36. You need to sync your iPhone again to update its settings, but you only need to do this if you do not see the “Cellular Data Network” option in the Network settings. This so far only happens in the US (with AT&T).

  37. I have entered command file and sync to itunes, still nothing happened. I dont see the cellular data network. Is there something Im missing?

  38. Please share the model of iPhone you are using. Whether you have jailbroken it. The iPhone firmware you're using. Can we assume you're on the AT&T network?

  39. I have iPhone 3G fw 3.0 jailbroken/unlocked and I'm on AT&T network. I've tried doing the procedure again, still didn't work.

  40. syncing with the iPhone does not change anything for some reason, running iPhone 3gS with 3.0 firmware, JB on AT&T

  41. Hi i want to know tht i have a jailbreak iphone 3g and my carrier is not 3G will it work on my phone….

  42. I have a hong kong phone and using it on tmobile in the US. I called tmobile they gave me the settings. I can send but can not recieve, I get this message The media content was not included due to a picture resolution or message size restriction. My phone is factory unlocked 3gs 3.1.2 I have tried jailbreaking doesnt work. I am lose as what to do. What settings I am to use.

  43. Most carriers have a 300KB limit for each MMS. You may want to ask the sender to reduce the image size to try again.BTW: was the sender on T-Mobile also? Are you able to get to your iPhone's Cellular Data settings? If so you should sent the “MMS Max Message Size” to 307200. These are just suggestions do not know if it will help. Anyone on T-Mobile with or without the iPhone please help.

  44. I have followed through every steps but still i am not able to send a picture :(I am using an iphone 3g with 3 HK as my service carrierdo u know what might be the problem?

  45. The issue you're experiencing may be due to the latest modemConfig file that 3 HK is sending out, which you may have installed during one of the recent updates.Since 3 HK is charging its customers for MMS capabilities you can always ask 3 HK to activate the feature for your iPhone.Although, as I have said in my post, do you really want to use MMS? When carriers are imposing high charges to both the sender and receiver of the MMS.

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