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  • Why You May Not Want to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad?

    Why You May Not Want to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad?

    After the release of iOS 4 users of the iPhone had been waiting for the iPhone Dev Team to release their jailbreak software. This morning @comex (who is not on the iPhone Dev Team) released a jailbreak for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad right from within MobileSafari without using a computer (Windows or OS […]

  • iOS 3.2.1 Update for iPad Available Now

    Along with the minor iOS 4.0.1 update for the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 that Apple made available last night, Apple has also released the iOS 3.2.1 update for the iPad. This update should appear in iTunes when you plug in your iPad; whether it is a WiFi or WiFi+3G version.

  • Review: TimeSqueeze on iPhone

    I was made aware of InfoXenter‘s recent released iPhone application called “TimeSqueeze”. It is a simple app; like any iPhone app should that focuses on performing one task and do it well, in this case the task is creating time-lapsed videos/photography on the iPhone 3G or 3GS running OS 3.1.2 or later. At the moment […]

  • Tethering Finally Returns to SMV iPhone Users in HK

    Starting January 23, 2010 Smartone-Vodafone (SMV) will become an official Apple carrier partner in Hong Kong, along with 3 HK. May be this will mean that the two long awaited features: “Visual Voicemail” and “Tethering”, will also be officially available to SMV customers (old and new). I was not able to get an official confirmation about […]

  • Apple Lists Carriers with Official Unlock iPhones 3G/3GS

    It appears that Apple has composed a Knowledge Base article (HT1937) to list all the mobile carrier partners around the world who are selling iPhones. In this list Apple has indicated whether “official unlocked” iPhones (carriers without a check mark in the “Locked to Carrier” column), and more importantly, the carriers who will offer “official […]

  • China iPhone a Non-Event?

    There was an article on Engadget about the mainland China version of the iPhone. I thought it was necessary to create my own post to clarify the situation as I see them, after reading the postings and comments on various sites like Modmyi.com about this Engadget article. First of all, there have been real [manufactured […]

  • 3 HK Underhanded Tactics & Ridiculous Info to Customers

    In the past several days I had been trying to trouble shoot why a follower (“Ms. iPhone”) on Twitter cannot get to iTunes Store from her iPhone. This was the iPhone 3G model on the 3 HK, Apple’s carrier partner in Hong Kong, network. Ms. iPhone finally complaint to 3 HK Customer Service, and today […]

  • Mobil Carriers Differences in HK

    Before you jump into a mobile tariff contract (for 2 years or 15 months) with your new iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS you need to understand that not all 3G (HSDPA) network are the same. This is especially important if you are going to buy a new iPhone 3GS. The reason is because, unlike the […]

  • MMS With iPhone 3.0 On iPhone 3G [Updated]

    When I the create the post, To iPhone 3G S or Not?, I was not able to enable the MMS function on my iPhone 3G. Before I explain how to enable MMS on an iPhone 3G running the iPhone 3.0 firmware, let me explain my context. My iPhone 3G is the officially “SIM unlocked” version […]

  • To iPhone 3GS or Not?

    The question that many are asking themselves after Apple’s keynote announcement on Monday (June 8th, 10:00 US EDT) is, “should I upgrade to the new Apple iPhone 3GS?” This is a reasonable question to ask as rumors of the cost of the new iPhone models are in the USD600 and USD700 range without a new […]