iPhone 3GS in Hong Kong

All of you should have heard by now, Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS last night (HKT) during the WWDC ’09 keynote speech.
Apple Online Store HK quickly updated their pricing of the iPhone 3G 8GB to HKD4288.00 when the keynote ended, but Apple fail to provide a pricing for either of the iPhone 3GS models (both capacities: 16GB and 32GB) or availability on their site.

WWDC 2009 iPhone 3GS Release Schedule Page 2
Although, from the slide that Phil Schiller showed (which apparently I missed last night, while watching the keynote via UStream, Gizmodo and MacRumors) the iPhone 3GS will be available in Hong Kong July 2009 along with 23 other countries. Based on past experience, this date may only apply to purchases from “3 HK”; Apple’s official carrier partner in Hong Kong. I am hoping that this is not the case, and it will it be available to the “SIM unlocked” models sold through Authorized Apple Resellers and Apple Online Store in Hong Kong.

AT&T also announced pricing for the new iPhone 3GS models. With early upgrade prices at USD399.00 and USD499.00 respectively for the 16GB and 32GB models. This comes with a USD18.00 upgrade fee and a 2-year contract. So if that is correct, the estimated SRP (list price) from Apple Online Store HK will most likely be the previous HKD5400.00 and HKD6200.00 fo the 16GB and 32GB models.

One thing Apple also did during this keynote/product announcement was to offer feature improvements to their existing Macintosh product line while lowering their prices. I hope this carries through to the “Officially Unlocked” versions of the iPhone 3GS sold in Hong Kong.

I guess only time will tell and we just have to keep a close eye on Apple Online Store HK.

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  1. 3 HK don't seem to mention anything about the 3GS on their website and a friend of mine who dropped by a store said the staff didn't know anything about it. Perhaps they'll just keep the 3G on their service and the 3GS will go straight to the apple store, unlocked. I'm hoping so anyway – plus it does so 'coming soon' on the apple store. Fingers crossed anyway!

  2. I don't really care for 3 HK's, Customer Service or their network quality.You may be correct about the iPhone 3G S going straight to Apple Online Store HK, but it should also be available to its Authorized Resellers throughout HK.Due to the nature of mobile phone businesses in HK, it will most likely be a “SIM unlocked” iPhone 3G S. Although, since it will not have a mobile carrier to subsidize the phone it will be at the previous HKD4xxx.00 and HKD5xxx.00 price range.You should check out my latest post on deciding whether you need to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S.

  3. 4xxx is ok for me. I am just wondering whether I can sell my 3G. It is too expensive for wife to play games.

  4. The day before the WWDC keynote I checked the street price of the iPhone 3G 16GB and it was between HKD3000 – HKD4000 but that was with a phone buyer that I am familiar with. Which means the resell price from a private sale was around HK4800.Now that the price of the iPhone 3G 8GB also dropped to HK4288, our iPhone 3G 16GB may be around HKD4500 depending on condition and whether there is still AppleCare.

  5. Cool! I can sell it in Shampshui Po when the 3G S comes out. BTW will it come out in Hong Kong this month?

  6. any idea when in july? the suspense is killing me. i go to hk every few weeks, and want to schedule my trip around the release. maybe i'll just “miss my flight” for a few days in july until i get one 🙂

  7. Yes, as long as you purchase the iPhone 3GS from an Authorized Apple Reseller.Note that there are many telephone stores in Hong Kong selling non-HK versions, those are not “officially unlocked” by Apple.

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