Movie Review: Star Trek (2009)


My Rating: 5Stars

Last night I saw the movie Star Trek at UA Cinema, Time Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Another one of the movies from my Must See Movies list.

It has been 7 years since the last Star Trek movie release in the theater. The last was Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002 with the newest crew of the Enterprise led by captain Jean-Luc Picard.

The latest movie of the Star Trek franchise is a prequel to the crew from the original Star Trek TV series: James T. KirkSpockBonesUhuraMontgomery Scott and Sulu first aired 44 years ago. The movie set started before captain James T. Kirk was born quickly skip through his childhood and to the moment he enlist into Star Fleet.

The movie had just the right amount of action to keep the audience engaged and a bit exhausted. Its action began right at the beginning several minutes and continues at a good pace throughout the rest of the movie. The movie offered the right amount of background to explain the origin of each character without being too obvious, but Trekies will definitely notice them. For Star Trek virgins they will receive some needed background to the story to help develop the characters.

We get to see a modernized version of the star ship USS Enterprise, NCC-1701, when we first saw it in the TV series, it was a seasoned star ship exploring strange new cultures with its crew.

All in all, this latest Star Trek had something for the Trekies, people who enjoy sci-fi and even people who had never seen a single episode of Star Trek of its movies. To keep true to the style of the original Star Trek TV series, it had the old skimpy Star Fleet uniforms for the female crew and the tight uniforms for the male crew. They even ended the movie with the mission statement that ended each episode of the TV series, “To explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

As a fan of Star Trek and sci-fi in general I hope the creators of this latest movie are planning more sequels to come. I for one will welcome it.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it on iTunes
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

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