OS X 86 available for retail… in Bangkok


The fact that retailers in Bangkok can openly display pirated software (although made up to look very authentic), is a perfect example of why education is greatly needed in Asia regarding piracy and its effect down the food chain.

For those who knows me, they know I am not typically vocal about piracy, but in this case it is despicable for these individuals (both the retailer and pirates; they may be both of the same) to capitalize on work of the OpenSource community.

Yes, I do not condone the actions of the individuals participating in the OSX86 Project, but at least those people are not trying to make money out of their collective efforts. They are instead volunteering their time and skills to produce something in demand by the public. As Apple has mentioned before, people are not buying Macintosh just for the OS, it is the revolution design and usability of the Macintosh that people are also buying.

These pirates in Bangkok are simply selling someone else’s work. That’s almost like charging for medical services provided by Médecins Sans Frontières. I guess that’s the basic definition of Piracy!

So, in Steve Jobs’ words, should “all pirates burn in hell”?

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  1. I think we need strike rule regulation to stop piracy.We should never buy pirated goods. And any one found with pirated goods , gave strike punishment.Because someone makes effort and money to produce something but piracy…..makes him effort meaning less.

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