The “Geese” Effect


Why do groups of women speaking at the same time?

I am sure everyone has experienced this before. This phenomenon is most apparent with older women.

Although recently I encountered this with men. In one case it was a group of all men, which was a Podcast (“This Week in Tech”) and the other was a morning radio show on RTHK in Hong Kong.

I personally find this behaviour very annoying, since there are so many person speaking at the same time, making it very difficult to understand or hear any one conversation.

I call this phenomenon, the “Geese” effect. You know it sounds like a family of geese in a pond.

This “Geese” effect is also annoying when I am not involved in the conversation nor trying to listen to it. That is because when a group of individuals in the “geese” effect, are usually very loud and would be extremely interruptive if they were sitting over at the next table in Starbucks.

So a word to those individuals practicing the “geese” effect, please be considerate of your surroundings, and remember the saying:

A fool chatters, while a wise man listens.

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