Drug Addiction Problem in Wanchai, Hong Kong

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For many years the sidewalk near O’Brien Road and Thomson Road has had a problem with the drug addicts hanging out around the clock in the area. The exact spot is the area in front of the Wanchai pedestrian walkway stair case. This is because a drug addiction center is situated right next to the location.

The drug addicts would leave chairs to sit. Some of them bring their unleashed dogs, which are dirty and looks as if they are diseased. Many of them also have various personal items stashed or hung in the fences of the MTR exit. All this caused a major hygiene problem, several of them also lay drunk along the sidewalks, shooting up near the MTR exit flower beds, or sell drugs openly.

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Review: HK Fatburger Experience

On the weekend I walked by the new Hopewell property, Queens Road East, on Queen’s Road East, and noticed the long boarded up store front of Fatburger is no longer boarded up. There’s a buzz of activity, but I just finished shopping at Park N’ Shop so it was not convenient for me to check it out. Instead I went there purposely to give Fatburger a try.

As many readers and Twitter followers know, I favor burger joints and is a self proclaim burger connoisseur of hamburgers. Before Fatburger there are four main premium hamburger chains: the local “Shake ’em Buns“, Canada’s Whitespot “Triple-O’s“, Japan’s two invasion “Freshness Burger” and “MOS Burger“. By “premium” I mean more than simply McDonald’s or Burger King.

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Review: Dinner at Bo

Heard about this new restaruant on Ship Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong called, “Bo Innovation”, so I decided to go check it out tonight. Not sure if the chef/owner planned it that way, but the name “Bo innovation” sounds very much like “bold innovation”.

Unlike most recent new restaurants in Hong Kong; particularly the ones on Ship Street, this is not just an Asian fusion restaurant. It calls itself a “X-treme Chinese cuisine”, which you will find, after a visit, is a very appropriate description.

Before going in, I had no particular expectation, except restaurants on Ship Street had become trendy and chic. As a result I was expecting nothing less.

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