Review: Leisure Guide on iPhone

Nuthon IT Solutions Ltd. the maker of Toilet Rush created a new iPhone app, Leisure Guide, to assist iPhone users living in Hong Kong with their daily lives. Simply put, Leisure Guide is a Hong Kong only, Traditional Chinese, version of Yowza, plus more.

Leisure Guide Store ListYou can use this application to locate the closest gas station, ATMs, stores, bars, HK Jockey Club betting stations, bank branches, parking lots, beauty parlors, cafes and convenient stores. You can use the application to find special offers near your location, from a distance of 500m, 1km or 1.5km radius.

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Review: Color Oven on iPhone

Color Oven LogoI came across this designer tool called, “Color Oven” by Lima’s Web Design, they also have an OS X version of the application for USD2.99.


The purpose of this application is quite straight forward. You choose a color and the application will generate a set of complimentary colour schemes: monochromatic, complimentary, analogous, or triad, for you.

This application’s features are not unlike many of the web based colour scheme generators, like Web site like will accept a photo from Flickr or uploaded from the user’s computer, to generate a complimentary colour scheme from it.

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Review: BindoGPS on iPhone

Bindo LogoIf you are a hiker, a runner or just anyone who likes to keep track of where you’ve been, then BindoGPS, is the application for you.

This is another Hong Kong built iPhone application from the growing iPhone development community here in Hong Kong. It is the newest among these applications: Darkroom (currently not compatible with iPhone firmware 3.0), Finger and HK Movie. The latter I will have an upcoming review.

Bindo Marker PhotoBindoGPS is great when you want to record the track you took during your hike, or if you’re a runner you can use it to supplement your training; unfortunately, it does not yet allow the export of tracks in GPX or KML format. Although, has just added the ability to see the tracks you’ve recorded using the BindoGPS iPhone application on your iPhone.

BindoGPS’ ability to use either a photo from the iPhone’s photo albums or instantly capture it with the iPhone built in camera, as a waypoint is particularly useful if you want to record visual memory of your hike or conditions of a location during your run.

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