Review: Color Oven on iPhone

Color Oven LogoI came across this designer tool called, “Color Oven” by Lima’s Web Design, they also have an OS X version of the application for USD2.99.


The purpose of this application is quite straight forward. You choose a color and the application will generate a set of complimentary colour schemes: monochromatic, complimentary, analogous, or triad, for you.

This application’s features are not unlike many of the web based colour scheme generators, like Web site like will accept a photo from Flickr or uploaded from the user’s computer, to generate a complimentary colour scheme from it.

Color Oven - SchemesI would not call myself a designer, but I do appreciate design, and I do often build web sites. For this application to be useful to me, I would need the ability to manually enters the HEX (preferred) or RGB codes for the desire colour then have the application generate the colour scheme.

This iPhone application is available on iTunes for USD1.99; 1 dollar less than the OS X version, I think they are both too much to ask for when ColorSchemeDeisgner can do the same thing for free.

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