eBay PowerSeller


It has been 10 weeks, to this day, since I opened my doors of the online Shop here at Vinko.Com and on eBay.

I am happy to announce that yet another milestone has been achieved for my online business. I have just been awarded the recognition of “eBay Power Seller”.

Vinko’s Treasures

Vinko's Treasures

You now have yet another place to purchase products from me.

It has been 3 weeks since I launched my online eBusiness. I am happy to announce that a second milestone have been achieved.

I had gain enough sale on eBay® to open up an eBay Store. It is called “Vinko’s Treasures“.

At the moment you can find iPod Accessories for the “Apple® iPod”, “Apple® iPod Photo”, “Apple® iPod Photo”, “Apple® iPod Limited Editions: U2”, “Apple® iPod Mini” and “Apple® iPod by HP”. I will be adding more products in the near future. So please bookmark it and keep checking.

If you’re looking for the actual MP3 players by Apple®: “Apple® iPod”, “Apple® iPod Photo” or “Apple® iPod Mini”, you can still find them here at Vinko. (“The Shop” section of my site).

Chirstmas is just around the corner, don’t forget me at Christmas!

Launch of Vinko’s Treasures


Announcing the launch of my brand new Online Shop.

If you already own an “Apple® iPod®, an “Apple® iPod® Mini” or an “Apple® iPod® by HP” you will be interested in the accessories I have to offer.

If you need an Apple® iPod® or and Apple® iPod® Mini then it is also a place for you to save a few bucks from the “brick-and-mortar” stores.

For those of you who lives in Hong Kong you can save the cost of shipping by sending me a note to arrange delivery.

Bid Goodbye to a Trusty Steed

Today I closed another chapter in my atuo-ownership history. My 2001 TT Quattro Roadster received a new owner.

I bid goodbye to it after 37100 km and 21 months of enjoyment.

My Audi TT

Many memories were had in this car. Fortunately, I have some photos to remember it by. The unfortunate part is that I only have the one photo below showing me enjoying it.

Me in Audi TT

I hope you are as anxious as I am to find out what the next chapter in my auto-ownership will be…

Parting Ways

Today I decided to sell my auto-baby (aka. Audi TT Quattro Roadster). It is a sad decision that I had to make, but it was a decision that I had to make due to the recent turn of events with regards to my job.

My “baby” had given me 21 months of enjoyment while in Hong Kong.

My Audi TT

EU Plates in Hong Kong

I’ve been searching for months for a place in Hong Kong to create an EU (European Union) style license plate.

After posting a message on Friendster.Com I was successful in locating a place that is able to create these sort of plates. The list price for this is HKD250.00 per set (front and back).

I had created a sample of the plate that will be made.

Sample EU License Plate