My Audi TT

Finally… after almost one and a half year, I finally got some pictures of my Audit TT Quattro that I currently drives in Hong Kong. Here is a sample:

Audi TT

You can see more photos at my Flickr set.

Personal Goal Achieved

Today was my last working day at Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd..

It is always sad to leave an organization which one had been with for many years (in this case over 2 years).

All the business relationships developed, personal friendships nurtured and understanding how things get done. These all took much efforts and time. But, nothing can compare to the one personal goal I have with every organization I join. That is to be able to make a difference in both the organization and the people in it.

It is not until an event like my “sudden” departure that I see evidences of what I had achieved at Cathay.

With the news of my departure beginning to spread, there were numerous emails, phone calls, SMS and ICQ messages that reinforced these evidences.

“… you are a good person, they are the bad guys, don’t let this event make you think otherwise…”

“… thank you for all your help, I do not know what I would have done without you…”

“… thank you for being there when no one else care…”

I am touched and grateful that these people allowed me to make a difference in their lives at Cathay.

Thank you!