LifeSaver A Solution Without Support

Water occupies 71% of the Earth but we still have millions of people drinking dirty water. Some of these people (approximately 1.8 billion) walk miles to get these dirty water. Are there no solution to this atrocity?

Michael Pritchard has the invention, LifeSaver, that can be the answer. In 2007 Michael received the “Best Technological Development” award for his invention and publicly showed off his invention in a TED Talk in 2009.

Since then Michael’s company LifeSaver Systems Ltd. has partnered with NGOs and militaries around the world to help people receive clean drinking water. Including major disasters like 2004 Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Although, there is a lifespan for the filters used within these LifeSaver systems, with appropriate funding I think we can achieve the UN goal of no one live without clean drinking water.

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