LifeSaver A Solution Without Support

Water occupies 71% of the Earth but we still have millions of people drinking dirty water. Some of these people (approximately 1.8 billion) walk miles to get these dirty water. Are there no solution to this atrocity?

Michael Pritchard has the invention, LifeSaver, that can be the answer. In 2007 Michael received the “Best Technological Development” award for his invention and publicly showed off his invention in a TED Talk in 2009.

Since then Michael’s company LifeSaver Systems Ltd. has partnered with NGOs and militaries around the world to help people receive clean drinking water. Including major disasters like 2004 Asian Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Although, there is a lifespan for the filters used within these LifeSaver systems, with appropriate funding I think we can achieve the UN goal of no one live without clean drinking water.

Environment Awareness

Given the current condition of our world everyone should be environmentally aware.

Here in Hong Kong the Discovery Asia channel is airing Earth Communication Organization (ECO) 1998 campaign, “Think”. The message of the campaign is simple and direct:

What if your family lived in a home on an island you couldn’t leave?
With limited amount of food and save drinking water
It would be very important to make things last wouldn’t it?
Especially when your family kept growing and growing… and growing
Well… it doesn’t matter where your home is
Because we all lived on an island we can’t leave [and they show the picture of the Earth floating in space]
So please only use what you need because supplies are truly limited
We can do that… [and the caption at the end is “Get involved”]

I think this video is very powerful and yet subtle. More people should see it.

The air condition of Hong Kong had deteriorated substantially in recent years and we, as citizens of Hong Kong, really need to help out to reverse or stop the situation as soon as possible.

One thing we can do is to begin to change all our utility bills and bank statements to online statements by registering with their respective services.

If you live in Hong Kong, to get you started I have listed the web sites of some of the Hong Kong utilities below:

Another thing you can do as citizens of Hong Kong and members of this planet is to join the “Lights Out Hong Kong” event. The organizers of this event are asking every person and companies to turn off the lights in their homes and businesses for 3 minutes on August, 8th, 2006 at 8:00pm.