Apple’s iTunes Related “Unforgettable” Announcement [Updated]

Apple posted a teaser message onto their web site and in iTunes Store about an announcement to be revealed Tuesday, November 16 (07:00 PDT US).

Apple in the past never puts such announcements in their iTunes Stores, the current message only appears in iTunes Stores that have a music component (ie. USA, UK, Japan, Australia, etc.). One can therefore speculate that this announcement has to do with iTunes, iTunes Store or music.

Another interesting fact is that Apple never worry too much about Asian time zones for announcements, but this time, they scheduled the announcement at 07:00 (PDT US) 10:00 (EDT US), 15:00 (UK time) and 00:00 (Tokyo time). Why so early on the west coast of US? Is midnight Nov. 17th Tokyo time anything significant?

The usual web sites: AppleInsider, MacRumors, Gizmodo, Techcrunch all speculates that it is an announcement of “iTunes Live” and the availability of the Beatles tracks on iTunes.

The idea that Apple will launch “iTunes Live”, a streaming service from their brand new North Carolina data center is definitely possible. Given they [Apple] purchased Lala almost a year ago and have yet to publicly demonstrate anything products or services from this acquisition.

I personally is a Beatles fan and will love to hear that Beatles library is finally available for purchase in iTunes Store. I guess we will know very soon.

[Updated: November 16, 2010, 22:45]
So the announcement has to do with the Beatles library finally becomes available in the iTunes Music Store.

The reason November 16th is significant. The CBS Evening News’ interview of The Beatles was filmed on November 16, 1963 and aired November 22, 1963. It was the first time The Beatles appears on US television.

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