Smartone-Vodafone Doing the Right Thing [Updated]

Has Smartone-Vodafone (SMV) finally listened to my reader’s and my call in my Open Letter to Smartone-Vodafone?

Along with the different tariff plans SMV releases for the iPad they have also released a “Tag-On Micro-SIM for iPad” plan for existing SMV subscribers. For an additional HKD128/month use of any voice and data plans with unlimited data can share the data usage with their iPad. It also includes unlimited free access to WiFi hotspots in HK. For anyone without unlimited data plans they can add an additional HKD88/month for the privilege.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. Please keep it up.

[Updated: July 23, 2010, 16:59]
Well I may be a bit too hasty to compliment SMV. It has been confirmed via Smartone-Vodafone Facebook page that this new iPad plans do not include their X-Power service, which includes that ability to playback Flash and YouTube videos while the iPad is on the SMV 3G network. Not good!

[Updated: July 30, 2010, 11:59]
I just confirmed with SMV that X-Power cannot be added to any of the iPad tariff plans for $48/month as previously thought.

4 Replies to “Smartone-Vodafone Doing the Right Thing [Updated]”

  1. Totally agree. SMV should have charge a little bit more to cover the X-Power functionalities and then emphasis the advantages of X-Power over its competitors.Although, playing devil's advocate I can see why SMV is doing what they're doing as many consumer in HK only shop based on price comparison and rarely look too deep into details or understand the advantage of X-Power.What SMV should do is to offer a special upgrade price for these users to add the X-Power feature.

  2. I recently picked up my iPhone and was told that I had to subscribe to the X-Power feature (SV apps), no option, no opt out,oh and it costs an extra HK$37!

    Not happy with this service, don’t care about flash videos and games on a iPhone. I can see may be great for an iPad, but for me its seems repeat freely available content and also forces me to turn off WiFi view this over 3G to use it; a very tacky move if you are on a limited data plan. For me it’s a waste of money.

    1. Actually, I believe Smartone-Vodafone’s terms is that all iPhone (purchase) contract plans require subscribers to subscribe to a HKD36/month VAS (Value Added Service). You do not have to subscribe to X-Power but can subscribe to any of the VAS packages they offer as long as they total a minimum of HKD38/month.

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