Smartone-Vodafone Careless Executions

Another example of Smartone-Vodafone (SMV) careless execution today.

After criticizing SMV over their strange handling of my overseas roaming data usage, then their attempt to be chic with the launch of the Zendgo thing. Plus writing an “Open Letter to Smartone-Vodafone”; without any reply, comments or action from SMV.

Today all of a sudden the silly WAP toolbar returned to my iPhone Safari browser when I visited any web page while connected to the SMV 3G cellular network. I first complaint to SMV about this stupid bar back in 2008 and was able to convinced SMV to add a new flag in their Customer Account Profile to remove it from any customers who requests it. Which I told SMV it should not be a flag in the Customer Account Profile but an automatic detection by the SMV 3G cellular network proxy. Given today’s event it is obvious SMV did not listen to my suggestion.

SMV store staff explains to me that the reason is because the “IOM Toolbar” flag had been unchecked, this is due to they reset all Customer Account Profile to transition all existing customers of the HKD238.00 tariff plan to the new HKD238.00 tariff plan this afternoon. The sales staff then further attempts to tell me that this switch was for our [customer] benefit, to add the new “IOM Features” and “HD Wide” feature to my account for free.

This is fairly ridiculous since I always had the “IOM Features” in the previous 2 and the current tariff plans that I was on during the past 3 years. The “careless execution” is how could SMV change the customer account profile and ended up undoing something that should not have been touched. Now I wonder what else they had undone.

So if you now sees the appearance of the SMV WAP toolbar in their Safari browser, you need to call SMV Customer Service or visit the brick-and-mortar store to get them to remove it. The proper terminology so SMV Customer Service representatives know exactly what you’re talking about is:

“I want to have the IOM Toolbar removed from my iPhone browser. Please disable this flag in my account profile.”

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