iPhone 3GS Inventory in Hong Kong

iPhone3GSThis morning 3 HK, the official Apple carrier partner, began selling iPhone 3GS in Hong Kong.

At the same time Apple Online Store Hong Kong began selling versions without carrier-contracts at a price of HKD5388.00 and HKD6288 respectively.

Now (16;00) Apple has changed their estimate shipping duration from “24 hours” to “5 – 7 business days” for both models of the iPhone 3GS, which is an indication that the iPhone is sold out at their online store.

Similar reports are also coming in from various 3 HK store outlets throughout Hong Kong.

Although, we do not know how many units of either channels had sold but we can be sure that it was at latest more than 5. I bought mine from the Apple Online Store and I have heard from others also done the same. My order is still showing a delivery date of this coming Monday. I presume that means my order was prior to Apple Online Store Hong Kong selling out.

This further means that the likelihood for Authorized Apple Resellers to receive enough quantities to sell through their stores within next week is slim.

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  1. any ideas of when the 3gs will be available with the mac resellers? i might be in hong kong next week, and still thinking whether to order one online or get one from a reseller.thanksj

  2. At the moment it is best to order one from Apple Online Store Hong Kong. There are still no signs of when the Authorized Apple Resellers will be able to carry the “without contract” iPhone 3GS version.

  3. How's the reliability of these delivery times? It looks like the iphone has jumped to 1-2 weeks on the Apple site. My friend is gonna be around HK for a couple of weeks, but I don't wanna order it and not have it delivered before my friend leaves.

  4. Apple delivery times are fairly accurate, but as the web site say it is an “estimate”. As you may know the originally the delivery time was “24 hours” then it went to “5 – 7 days” and now it is “1 – 2 weeks”.I bought mine on July 10th when it showed “24 hours” and I received mine on July 14th. That's 1 business day to process the order and 24 hours to deliver as Apple had stated.A reader bought theirs this week when Apple Online Store showed “1 – 2 weeks” his Estimate Delivery Date on his order confirmation showed July 29th, which again is within the Apple estimate.

  5. Yes, I believe they can.Apple Hong Kong is using TNT to complete the hand delivery of each order, but you may want to check with your hotel to confirm that they are willing to receive delivery on your behalf.PS: given that Apple's current estimate delivery period is “1 – 2 weeks” the longest period Apple Online Store has, it indicates that Apple inventory in the region are stressed.

  6. Just to keep you all updated on how accurate their shipment/delivery dates are.1) Ordered mine (x2) on 13/07/2009 6:02AM PDT or 9:02PM HKT. Ships: 5-7 buss days, Delivers: 21/07/2009 to 23/07/20092) “Not yet shipped” on my order status page from 13/07/2009 to 21/07/20093) “Prepared for shipment” on my order status page starting from roughly 4:15pm 21/07/2009..So far so good.. plan to add this later…4) “Shipped” on my order status page and arrived at my house, salivating over it and petting it on 7pm after returning from work…

  7. Congratulation to your order's arrival.It is indeed exciting, when mine arrived. It took me 3 days before I was able to use it for more than its regular features. Since I was just too busy with work.

  8. Thanks Vinko, your blog has been quite helpful. Btw what other features were you referring to other than the regular ones? Has it anything to do with being on Smartone-Vodafone over Three?

  9. Pleased to report that the iphone arrived on time. So their guidelines and their estimations are quite accurate. Hopefully others got theirs on time too…!

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