Prices of iPhone 3GS in Hong Kong [Updated]

iPhone3GSThis afternoon 3 HK, Apple’s official carrier partner in Hong Kong released details of their iPhone 3GS tariff plans.

From the prices of these plans, it indicates that the “contract-free” version to be sold at Apple Online Store Hong Kong and other Authorized Apple Resellers will be around the same HKD5400.00 and HKD6200.00 prices respectively; as with the iPhone 3G, for the 16GB abd 32GB models.

These phones and tariff plans will be available to all starting tomorrow, July 10th, along with a 2-year contract. For existing 3 HK customers there will be 12-month contract at special upgrade prices. Details of which will most likely depends on the number of months into and the tariff plan of the existing contract.
3 HK iPhone 3GS Tariff Plans

It is a bit strange to see the HKD398.00 plan that suppose to have unlimited “local” data access has a HKD290.00/month cap based on HKD0.01/KB. At that rate HKD290.00 = 29MB, isn’t that less than the 100MB free “local” data for the HKD138.00 plan?

[Updated: July 9, 2009, 18:00]
Finally able to get through to 3 HK Sales Hotline; understandably busy this afternoon. They clarified the “unlimited local data” definition, it is indeed unlimited. The HKD290.00/month cap based on HKD0.01/KB only applies to tariff plans of HKD298.00 and lower. This HKD290.00 is only a cap on the additional data charges and does not mean the data access will stop after the customer incurred an additional HKD290.00 of data usage.

In this case, I must compliment 3 HK on releasing a very competitive “Unlimited data” tariff plan for the iPhone. I wish my current carrier, Smartone-Vodafone will respond with a competitive “unlimited data” tariff plan of their only after the iPhone 3GS is officially available through all Apple HK sales channels.

So far, the Apple Online Store Hong Kong still does not show any signs of it making the contract-fee versions available tomorrow. There were rumors yesterday saying that the July 10th launch is only for 3 HK and the rest of the Apple HK retail channels will not have the iPhone 3GS until months (6) later. For anyone who lived in Hong Kong long enough, we hope that is not true. As I for one will not want to switch to 3 HK nor get bound to a 2-year contract.

[Update: July 10, 2009, 00:00]
Apple Online Store Hong Kong released their prices for the iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB at HKD5388.00 and HKD6288 respectively. That’s a decrease of HKD12.00 and an increase of HKD88.00 of the previous price points (for the iPhone 3G).

[Update: July 10, 2009, 13:00]
None of the Authorized Apple Resellers in Hong Kong currently have the non-contract versions of the iPhone 3GS, but according to my sources and Premium Authorized Apple Reseller in Hong Kong are suppose to be able to sell any item that are sold through the Apple Online Store Hong Kong. This means that Premium Authorized Apple Resellers in Hong Kong should also have the iPhone 3GS today or the latest Monday, depending on whether Apple and the resellers can get their logistics straighten out.

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  1. I think you misinterpreted the Easy Data Cap. This is an add-on for the non unlimited plans, where you pay $10 a month and if you reach your 100MB limit, then you pay $0.01/KB, up to a maximum of $290. It's like an insurance plan for those not on unlimited plans.

  2. You mean any news from Apple regarding the local [HK] Authorized Apple Resellers receiving contract-free versions to sell?Given that the estimate delivery date at Apple Online Store Hong Kong went from “24 hours delivery” to “5 – 7 days delivery” to now “1 – 2 weeks delivery”, it will be some time before the Authorized resellers (including the Premium Resellers) will have their own inventory. Although, I know that many had the 3 HK versions to sell since last Friday, July 10.

  3. Vinko, I'm travelling to Hong Kong next week, and will i be able to pick up an Unlocked Contract Free iPhone from an Apple Premium Reseller, just as the online store? Could you please help me.Thanks,Benna

  4. Unfortunately, there is still a major shortage of iPhone 3GS (SIM unlocked, contract free versions).Even Apple Online Store Hong Kong is showing a 1 – 2 weeks delivery time. Until the delivery status at Apple Online Store changes to “24 hours” none of the Apple Authorized Resellers will be able to carry the iPhone 3GS.

  5. Actually, no. Since Apple Online Store Hong Kong had not showed an estimate delivery time shorter than “1 – 2 weeks” since the availability of the iPhone 3GS accept for the first day. The local Authorized 3rd party resellers had not have the “non-contract” versions for sale in their respective stores.

  6. Vinko, just one more question. Now i wont be able to get it from online store, If i buy the 3GS from 3HK, what will be the total price i have to pay to get the phone? Will it be locked? So anyways, i will be bringing it in my country and is it necessary that i would require a Hong Kong Sim card to activate the phone by connecting iTunes? Could you please clarify my doubts. I'm totally confused with things now. Please help.

  7. Purchasing the iPhone 3GS from 3HK will require you to commit to a 2-year contract which you cannot, since you will need a proof of HK address. If you can sign and commit to a 2-year contract the iPhone 3GS that you purchase will still be the official unlocked version; able to put any GMS SIM cards to activate.

  8. Thanks for the Info 🙂 Well, i could manage getting an HK address from a friend of mine. Are stocks available in the stores for this kind of iPhones? I mean, along with the contract. And could you please let me know how much will the 3GS 32GB along with the contract?(HK$?)

  9. I had not checked the 3 HK stores recently, as they are the official carrier partners, they would get the phone ahead of Apple Online Store HK. Also, each branch will have different inventory depending on the demand and would change on a daily bases.There are several different tariff plans the cheapest is HKD138/month and the cost of the 16GB and 32GB are HKD4080 and HKD4880 respectively. Plus you have to pay the HKD12/month MTR fee. Giving you a total for the 16GB model of HKD7680. Which is really not worth it especially if you're not using the monthly plan.

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