Review: New Found Burger Joint

Double Decker Burger @ Burgeroom

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Today I was introduced to a new “local” burger restaurant in Causeway Bay, called Burgeroom. By “local” I mean that it is an independent restaurant as compared to franchise or chain restaurant.

As many readers know, a few days ago I gave the new Fatburger in Wanchai a try. You can read all about it in my HK Fatburger Experience article.

Previously I pointed out there are four major “premium” hamburger restaurant chains here in Hong Kong. These being: Shake ‘em BunsTriple-O’sFreshness Burger and MOS Burger. I consider these to be a class above chains/franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King.

Being a burger enthusiast I was surprise that I had not heard of this place until now. The number of choices on their menu is quite large for a burger joint, with 19 distinctive burgers, from the Classic Burger to Lobster Burger. They even have a heart stopper Foie Gras Beef Burger.

I chose the Classic Burger with Bacon this time. Biting into the burger I receive a suitably juice piece of all beef patty. Next my palate was surprised by a familiar yet unique custom sauce. Then came the fresh thickly cut tomatoes and crispy lettuces. With the lightly toasted kaiser bun running out the bite.

The photo here is the second thickest burger they have on the menu, Double Decker, which you may have difficulties biting into, as it is at least 6″ high.

If Burgeroom survives this economic down turn, these other foreign hamburger invaders will have a strong contender on their hands.

Price: $$$$
Taste: 4Stars

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