Emoticons for Life

Some of you may not heard of the term “Lifestreaming”, but it is the term coined to refer to the streaming of ones daily and often hourly events to followers.

Currently the more popular Lifestream networks are: Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and Plurk. All of these services impose the same 140 characters limit to each message. This originated from the ability to use SMS to post to these services, and SMS message has a 140 characters limit.

To enable the full descriptive of these streams, someone created TwitterKeys, which use the techniques of ancient times, hieroglyphics, or emoticons. This is an expansion on what’s commonly used during IM, and similar to the emoji used by Japanese while communicating with each other via mobile phone text messages (SMS).

The upcoming firmware upgrade of the Apple iPhone is rumored to have emoji support built-in.

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