Advertising Tactics

Apparently Apple and Microsoft have took on the tactics that Coca Cola vs. Pepsi, and McDonald’s vs. Burger King used back in the 80’s.

To be fair the first shot over the bow with their “Get a Mac” TVCs. Microsoft this year decided to spend USD300 millions on an advertising campaign to savage the poor image of Windows, brought on by the negative press towards its latest version of Windows named “Vista”.


On October 14th (US Pacific time) last week Apple had a press event at its Cupertino headquarters to announce the new line of MacBooks. Microsoft’s attempts to steal the attention from the announcement by instructing its outside-PR firm to release a press message titled, “Why You’ll Find Better Value in Windows PCs than Macs” in anticipation of Apple releasing a USD800 laptop.

Will these dirty tactics really going to sway the shopping habits and opinions of the average consumers?The one good thing as a result of the Coca Cola vs. Pepsi advertising campaign war were the many ingenious and clever commercials. Given the several TVCs from Microsoft in their campaign, it looks like their efforts is no match to Apple’s outside-agency, TBWA Chiat/Day.

May be it is time for Microsoft to stop purchasing advertising agencies, hands-off on its advertising campaigns, and leave the agencies to inspire themselves into creating a campaign that is more appealing.

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