Comment on: Swedish Engineers Test iPhone 3G’s Antenna

Today I ready the following report from iPhone Hacks…

Some analysts have reported that the problem is with the Infineon chip that Apple has used in iPhone 3G, while there are others who believe that the issue is with the carriers such as AT&T who has a relatively young 3G network…

… They concluded that the results were completely normal…

… A difference of 4 to 6 dB could have indicated that there is a something wrong.

Read the full story.

I think the critics need to be a little bit less harsh on Apple on this whole iPhone 3G reception thing.

Yes, the reported iPhone 3G reception issue is not restricted to the USA, iPhone 3G users in Australia also have similar issues.

The thing is that both these countries do not have mature 3G cellular network cities, let alone national coverage.

Here in Hong Kong, all 5 cellular carriers: CSL, PCCW, Three, Smartone-Vodafone, People, have 3G network coverage for over 5 years.

You should see the number of cellular antennas here in the city, much smaller than most Australian and American cities.

It is expected to receive perfect cellular coverage within office buildings, malls and subway trains.

I personally have not use the iPhone 3G, because I am very happy with my “2G” iPhone (unlocked and jailbroken). I also had not heard of anyone I know who owns an iPhone 3G in Hong Kong complains about receptions either.

It is good that Apple tries to take responsibilities on the ultimate user experience of iPhone 3G owners, but the carriers (especially the less mature 3G operators) need too also.

PS: carriers in India is selling the iPhone 3G at very high prices even when compared to the rest of Asia, and they don’t even have a functional 3G network.

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  1. Couple of comments from my friends, with 3G iPhone, in HK:At home (which has crap coverage across all networks, 3g and non 3g), it shows from nothing to full. My old iphone shows full all the time at home but when making a call, it is quite clear that the signal is crap.and:I see problems with the reception gauge being all over the place, sometimes full, sometimes almost empty. Even without moving my phone. I’ve not had problems making or receiving calls though, so I just thought it was the gauge screwed

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