Great Music Find

I was listening to the latest MacCast podcast, and normally I would skip the Podcast Safe music that Adam plays at the end, but this time I was busy with something else.

To my surprise, the song that Adam chose, “Overboard” by Shannon Hurley, from her new album “Ready to Wake Up” (to be released November 5, 2007) was amazing.

I began my search for the song on iTunes USA Store, but could not find it. So I contacted the artist on her MySpace page.

To my amazement Shannon answered me right away and told me that currently the only place to find the song is on AmieStreet.

Of course I quickly purchased it while it was still at a low price. For those who do not know about AmieStreet, it is a great place to find DRM free music at as low as USD0.00 up to USD0.98 per song.

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