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Hong Kong PoliceAre our public officials so scare of doing the wrong thing that they forget what is the right thing to do?

Today in a press conference held by Mr Tang King-Shing, Commissioner of Police in Hong Kong, with regards to the security procedures of the 2008 Olympic (Hong Kong) test equestrian competition. He commented on yesterday’s incident of ironworker demonstrators’ clashing with police in Central district. Where hundreds of demonstrators over powered the police line and ran into the streets blocking traffic, causing a major traffic jam.

He said, “… since there are many citizens disagree with the ironworkers’ actions, he warns that they may be charges to be filed against the ironworkers for their actions…”.

I am totally confused by this statement. Is the “Commissioner of Police” taking into considerations whether the public disagrees with some individuals’ actions before he file charges against these individuals? Why doesn’t the “Commissioner of Police” just use the law as guidelines and file charges accordingly.

Is the “Commissioner of Police” a “politician” or is he a “police officer”?

Does the “Commissioner of Police” imply that Hong Kong Police takes into account public opinions before charges are lay for law violators?

Does it also imply that if a person can kills someone, he is not guilty and will not be charged, as long as the general public “believe that the person killed is justified to be killed”?

What has our society come to where the “head of police” believes that public opinions take president over “The Law”?

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