Public Facilities


Recently, with the help of The Community Chest and HSBC, they built a brand new wide broadwalk in Stanley to replace the crowded sidewalks and roadway that were occupied by the restaurants which lined the main street at Stanley.


I assume this facility is for the enjoyment of the general public. But upon closer inspection I realized not every member of the general public are allow to enjoy these facilities.


I found numerous copies of this sign posted every few feet along the broadwalk.

Has our society come to a point where we must live with so many explicit restrictions for the majority to be able to enjoy a public facility?


By the way, only in Hong Kong will you see this sign.

Unfortunately, if this sign was not posted there would be people who will hang their laundry along the broadwalk. This occurrence in Hong Kong is something I really do not understand.

Are the people of Hong Kong that selfish? I still try to convince myself that is not the case.

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