New Gestures

Do you live in one of the many countries around the world where the Nintendo DS-Lite had taken the populations by storm? Well I do and Hong Kong is one of those countries.

People playing games on these consoles have developed a set of very interesting gestures. I will attempt to describe them to you here:

  1. Blowing in the Wind

    The players would blow into the microphone of the device. When they do this the game would recognize their action and react accordingly. For example, there is a game where the player is the owner of a virtual pet, they can cause soap bubbles to scatter round the pet by blowing into the microphone, which will make the pet happy.

  2. Scribble Scribble

    The player would rapidly scribble on the screen of the NDS. The purpose of this action is normally when the player is playing the cooking game. They would need to toss the dishes they are cooking in the wok of cutting vegetables.

Unfortunately, I do not have photos of these gestures, but one can now see these gestures around Hong Kong, in MTR (subway), Starbucks and streets.

Another console that had introduced new gestures is the Wii, another console also from Nintendo.

These gestures are:

  1. Pump Pump Pump

    This is where the player holds the controls in both hands and rapidly moves them up and down in opposite positions. In one of the game that requires this gesture is in a game where the player has to control the on screen character’s arms while it run through the course of the game.

  2. Twist & Shake

    This is where the player takes the control to pick up a container in the game and shake it rapidly to shake the creatures out of the containers

The Internet and the services found there had brought us new words; fit for the Webster dictionary, like:

  • goo·gle – ‘gü-g&l, transitive verb
    to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (as a person) on the World Wide Web

Now it is changing the way behaviours.

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