Mark of a Tourist

Have you walked along the streets of your city and notice from far the approach of tourist to your city?

Why are these tourists stand out like a sore thumb? I am not talking about those who are trying to manipulate a spread out map, around and around, trying to get their orientation. I am not talking about the Japanese tourist who are snapping photos like paparazzi. I am talking about those tourist who are minding their own business and walking along the streets of our cities admiring the sights. For some reason they are very easy to spot.

Am I being too nosy? Or am I just extra observant.

I currently live in Hong Kong, and it is particular easy to spot those mainland Chinese tourist. I think it has to be the way they dress.

I sure hope I do not stand out like them when I am a tourist in a foreign city.

Next time you’re walking down the street, take a look for yourself and see how many tourist you can spot.

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