Are You Being Tagged

Ever seen those brand labels on the sleeves of suits? Normally this is found in a store before these suits are sold and are still hanging on the racks.

For some reason, many people from the African continent and mainland Chinese leave these “temporary” labels on the sleeves of the suits they purchase and wear them out. As if they are trying to let everyone know that their suits were purchased from “Hugo Boss”, “Armani”, etc. who ever the designer may be.

Guys, these are temporary labels and it is not intended to be worn in public, you are suppose to cut them off when you get the suit home.

I sometimes see the same thing with mainland Chinese women who walk around with the store labels still hanging on their handbags.

I am sure my readers are not ones who do this, but if you know of anyone who does this, please help them out and cut the label off for them.

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