Disasters Come in Threes?

WARNING: The following post may offend some readers.

I am sure many of you have heard of the saying “bad things come in threes”.

Whether you believe this superstition or not, sometimes this saying does seem to apply. Although, the number “three” may not be exact.

For example, when disasters occur they seem to happen in groups over a relatively short period of time. For the case of natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, forest fires, etc., scientists may explain these as related geological or environmental changes of the Earth. I may accept these scientific explanations.

When you examining derailments, airplane crashes and other human or mechanical factor related disasters, these are much more difficult to explain.

Over the years I have paid attention to airplane crashes and they do appear to happen in groups and within a relatively short period.

Take the first half of this year, from June 2 until today (past 75 days), there were 12 crashes with 412 fatalities out of the 801 persons on board. The worst one happened a few hours ago when a Colombian, West Caribbean Airways chartered MD-82 crashed in Venezuela from Panama to Martinique.

I pray for those friends of mine in the airline industry. May God go with you all.

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