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Today I decided to use my account on Flickr.Com to highlight some of the photos I had taken over the years, which are stored on Fotki.Com.

To make it more interesting, I have introduced the cool features from GeoBloggers.Com into my photos. If you click on the GeoBloggers link in the photo descriptions on my Flickr pages you will be able to see where I took the respective photo (with the link).


This is type of the Geo Meta data information had been embedded into my pages. Like my Home page and My Weblog.

With the help of GeoURL.Org, you can now see all the other webloggers and site owners located near me; physically. You can try this out anywhere on my site you see the GeoURL “chicklettes”

I will be adding more features like these to the rest of my site. So keep checking back.

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