Movie Review: Open Water (2004)


My Rating: 1Stars

Yesterday afternoon I went to see the movie “Open Water” at AMC, Festival Walk.

It is my duty to inform you of this movie.

I did not plan to go see this movie, and it did not make it onto my “Must See Movies” list. To tell you the truth this was not the kind of movies I would have gone to see on my own accord, and I was proven correct.

The director of the movie attempted to create the “true story documentary” cinematography, even the playwright carried this approach. Hence, the actors’ dialogue were quite cheesy.

What else can I say? This definitely a low budget film with low budget actors, and you can spend your money on a meal at McDonald’s instead.

Rating Legend:

5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy the VCD
2Stars Rent it if you can
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

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