Movie Review: Taken 2

Taken 2

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This evening I saw the movie Taken 2 at AMC Theater, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong. One of the movies from my Must See Movies list, and the following is my movie review.

Like most sequels that have difficulties living up to the standards and expectations of their respective original episode. The sequel to Taken is no exception. All the suspense and originality from the original are gone and surprisingly the writers did not attempt to introduce anything new.

The movie feels more like a Bourne sequel than Taken. Fortunately that is the saving grace of this movie and earned an extra penguin in my rating.

Although, I did not want to give it a single penguin rating, this is definitely a miss if you have to pay to view this movie.

Rating Legend:

  Must watch before you die  Must watch before you die

  Wait for the DVD  Wait for the DVD

  Buy from iTunes Store  Buy from iTunes Store

  Rent it on iTunes  Rent it on iTunes

  Waste your time elsewhere  Waste your time elsewhere

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