I was trying to work while at the Starbucks but this “kid” next to my table is telling his female friend about his forth and final break up with his CX flight attendant girlfriend.

On one hand he say she is totally crazy and not suitable for him but on the other hand he keeps saying that if the girl goes to London, where he will be next week for four months, things will be different.

This guy really has a problem. He tells his friend how the girl does not understand him and she is way too demanding. He also says that he loves her and she is good for him.

He does not understand that some times CX crew are not able to control their roster, and if she has a flight to London it does not mean that she wants to get back together with him. He is way too innocent to think so.

He tells his friend about his other friends thinking he wil get back together with the girl in a few days. Even the female friends is making snide remarks of his situtation.

This guy is in his early 20’s but he thinks he is too old for this. Although I do not know the whole story I think it is very likely is the fault of this guy that things did not work out for them.

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