The First eNewspaper Custom Designed for the iPad

Ever since the release of the iPad in April 2010, newspaper publishers have been eyeing it as a platform to deliver their respective content on.

Rupert Murdoch’s project The Daily will most likely becomes the first newspaper custom designed and created only for the iPad platform on “rumored” January 19th. Most information about The Daily are from the grapevine without direct confirmation from News Corp..

Photo: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images
What we do know are bits and pieces of information from the privilege:

  • Jesse Angelo, formerly New York Post will oversee the subscription-based publication’s editorials.
  • Greg Clayman, formerly head of digital distribution at Viacom, will be the publisher.
  • Richard Johnson, the former Page Six gossip editor, will join from the New York Post.
  • Edo Segal, the founder of Relegence, is consulting the executive team.
  • So far there are about 150 staff, most of them writers based in Manhattan, NY. and Los Angeles, CA. from News Corp’s other properties: New Yorker, AOL, The Atlantic, and the New York Times.
  • There will not be a web based counter part to The Daily, which will be delivered to subscribers on the iPad daily; hence the name, at a weekly subscription of USD0.99.

The ability to charge subscribers a recurring fees has been on publishers wish list for the iTunes Store a long time. The record companies wanted to do it with music, then the TV networks tried with TV shows, magazine and newspaper publishers came next. Last year Apple released in-app purchase to iOS app developers that opened up a brand new business model for them. Apple further extended this ability to the entire Macintosh application developers with the launch of the Mac App Store last week.

Will the availability of The Daily on the 19th be the thing that magazine and newspaper publishers been asking for? Will the movie studios, TV networks and record companies finally get their wishes next? There had been much speculation as to why Apple is building a huge USD1B North Carolina Data Center. One such speculation is that Apple will soon launch a cloud based streaming service.

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